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The controller manufacturer, prior to shipment, shall hook up and test the jockey pump controller as a completed assembly. 8 automatic mode - idle condition (failed jockey pump) 3. This will energize the Motor Contactor Coil (MC) and will cause the Motor Contactor Contacts to close, thus starting the Motor. The pump jockey pump operation manual will stop when pressure is above the stop point (1Lo+HYS). 11 loop flush mode 3. The model JP jockey pump controller is supplied with the. Disconnect all power to the pump before servicing or working on the pump.

13 tightness test mode 3. Jockey pumps are small, motor driven pumps used in conjunction with main fire pumps to compensate for minor leaks in the fire protection system and automatically maintain stand-by pressure. This reduces wear on the main pump and controller caused by unnecessary, frequent operation. (1) The jockey pump stop point should equal the pump churn pressure plus the minimum static supply pressure. To reduce the risk of electrical shock during pump operation, ground and bond the pump and motor as follows: • To reduce risk of electrical shock from metal parts of the assembly other than the pump, bond together all metal parts accessible at the well head (including metal discharge pipe, metal well casing, andthelike). ASCO Jockey Pump Controllers prevent unnecessary operation of main fire pumps. manual clearly identifies accepted methods for disassembling units. Risk of electric shock.

This will cause the Motor Contactor contact to close, thus starting the motor. Never apply heat to aid in their removal unless explicitly stated in this manual. “Pump Setting” - “Pump 1 ~ 4” Set to “USED” when the pump is available for use. Jockey Controller Test Loop Line Fire Pump Controller Jockey Pump Skid Bypass Loop CAUTION: This manual is meant only for lifting of the system. Save these instructions. NAFFCO Electric Motor Controllers for Jockey Pump are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL file number E309408) in accordance with UL508a (Standard for Industrial Control Panel), NFPA70 (National Electric Code) and NEMA. Since pipes leak, over time, the water pressure inside them automatically goes down. EATON JOCKEY Touch™ O & M Manual MN081004EN-001 Microprocessor Based Jockey Pump Controller Effective June EATON INDUSTRIES CANADA COMPANY www.

7 DUTY CONDITIONS Pumps should only be installed on duties for which Monoflo have specified the materials of construction, flow rates, pressure, jockey pump operation manual temperature, speed etc. When flow demand exceeds the capacity of the Jockey pump and the main pumps are called to run, the Jockey will. Select an asset type, market, or product group below to explore our available resources. Operating instructions for LPC type jockey pump controller www. This delay prevents a pump from attempting to start while the HOA switch passes through the Handposition to reach other modes. For manual operation, set the H. Power ratings vary from 1.

PM Series Jockey Pump; General Pump Schedule/. • If the pump or motor is damaged or leaking, electric shock, fire, explosion, liberation of toxic fumes, physical harm, or environmental damage may result. Jockey pump is a kind of fire pump, with low capacity and high pressure, widely used to steady pressure for automatic sprinkler system and hydrant water supply system, to ensure the system water pressure is always in the state of pressure requirements, once sprinkler or hydrant water that can be discharged to meet the needs of flow and pressure. . 12 pantograph flush mode 3.

9 automatic mode - refueling condition 3. . Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. (2) The jockey pump start point should be at least 10 psi (0. of the manual before beginning installation or any repair work.

Double Suction Split. You probably have spent considerable time planning where your pump will be located. This product is a replacement part for the Patterson PM Jockey Pumps. If the optional running period timer is included, the pump will run for the set time and then stop, provided the pressure is above the pressure stop point (1Lo+HYS). “Pump Setting” - “Pump 1” When you set “Jockey Pump” The VFD faulted while operating the pump. When utilized, the jockey pump is typically much smaller than the main pumps and is well suited to handle variations in flow at a low flow rate. 34 bar) less than the jockey pump start point. However, you may have overlooked some factor that may affect jockey pump operation manual pump operation or efficiency.

The all right book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research, as capably as various additional sorts of books are readily clear. Types of Jockey Pump Controllers. Useametalbondingconductor at least as large as the power cable conductors running down the well to the pump’s motor. (3) The fire pump start point should be 5 psi (0. See all jockey pump controllers.

PM Series Jockey Pump; End Suction Type Pumps; General Pump Schedule/ Maintenance for Vertical In-Line Pumps;. The pump should turn before 50 foot pounds is reached. 15 manual operation of fueling pumps. The purpose of the jockey pump is to keep the water pressure in the pipes within a specific range when there&39;s not a fire, so that the sprinklers won&39;t go off randomly.

The jockey pump senses this, and then fills them back up to normal pressure. 68-bar) less than the jockey pump stop point. Depending on the product, such as rotating assemblies and jockey pumps, there may be a 2 to 3 week lead time before your product is ready to be shipped. immediately, fill the pump with a process compatible fluid and try again in a few hours. It is designed to keep the pressure in the system elevated to a specific level when the system is not in use, so that the fire pump doesn’t have to run all the time and the system. 5 to 40 horsepower, 380 to 415 volts, 50 or 60 Hz.

The pump should be located as close to the liquid source. A jockey pump, also known as a pressure-maintenance pump, is a small apparatus that works. The role of the Jockey pump is to maintain constant pressure during low flow conditions. We additionally present variant types and as well as type of the books to browse. mode, the pump will continue to run until the HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch is moved from the “Hand” position.

Electric Grease Jockey Pump, 30 ft (9 m) Power Cable, Manual Run Button, Data Management System: Maximum Flow Rate (ci/min) 0. 14 Industrial Control Equipment. For professional use only.

Jockey pumps maintain pressure in suppression systems. Manual Operation To manually start the jockey pump motor, turn the HOA Selector to the Hand position. To manually stop the motor, turn the HOA Selector to the Off position, thus causing the Motor Contactor contact to open. Water pressure control shall be as follows (a) For all pump installations, including jockey pumps, each controller shall have its own individual pressure sensing line (b) The pressure sensing line connection for each pump, including jockey pumps, shall be made between that pump&39;s discharge check valve and discharge control valve This line shall.

1) The jockey pump stop point should equal the pump churn pressure plus the minimum static supply pressure. If this fails, loosen only the pump cover thru bolts clamping the assembly together, one full turn, no more. 7 automatic mode - idle condition (good jockey pump) 3. These methods must be adhered to. “Pump Setting” - “Pump 1 ~ 4” Set to “NOT USED” when the pump is NOT available for use. Fire Pump Operation and Maintenance Manuals Water / Wasterwater Operation & Maintenance Manuals. Operation of closed systems or open systems with the.

10 re-fueling mode - refueling condition 3. Manual Operation: To manually start the Jockey Pump Motor, the HOA Selector is in the "Hand"or the On - Off Selector is in "On"depending on the Controller. The model JP jockey pump controllers are specifically designed to control jockey pumps in order to maintain the desired water pressure in fire pump serviced systems. Fire pump parts are ready to be shipped immediately from our manufacturer directly to you. Where dangerous materials are to be.

uk 1 revision 1, April 1 CAUTION In order to avoid risk of personal INJURY or damage to the control equipment, READ THIS MANUAL VERY CAREFULLY. Can shock, burn or kill. Apply torque, 50 foot pounds maximum, to the shaft.

68 bar) less than the jockey pump stop point. pump inlet port, and a pressure gauge fitted to the outlet port, these will then continuously monitor the pump operating conditions. 2) The jockey pump start point should be at least 10 psi (0. selector switch to “HAND&39; to start the pump and “OFF” to stop. Find your manual. 6: Maximum Fluid Output Pressure (psi) : Maximum NLGI Grade 2: Maximum Voltage (V dc) 16: Maximum Working Pressure (MPa) 13.

Jockey Pump | Grundfos MP15 Jockey Pump Controller - Service Entrance Rated. 3) The fire pump start point should be 5 psi (0. With revenues of ~€25 billion in FY, our 144,000 employees serve custome. Grease Jockey® Chassis Lubrication System 31M EN For on-board, automatic lubri cation of trucks and heavy-use vehicles.

the pump may boil, causing risk of explosion and steam burns to anyone nearby. This test shall include, but not be restricted to, each function the controller may be required to perform including manual start- stop, automatic start-stop and minimum run timing. Manual Operation: To set a pump in the HAND position, touch a pump HOA switch on the left side to select the mode. Read Free Jockey Pump Manual Jockey Pump Manual Right here, we have countless books jockey pump manual and collections to check out.

Model JP3 Jockey Pump Controller This is a Marketing document Please consult factor for more information Manufacturer reseres the right to modif this information without notice ugust Listing Underwriters Laboratory (UL) UL508A - Industrial Pump Controllers CSA CSA C22. The pressure switch is mounted inside the enclosure and is piped to a fi tting on the bottom of the enclosure. Make sure that the power is locked out and that the pump cannot be accidentally started. Maximum Working Pressure: See Technical Data, page 23 Important Safety Instructions Read all warnings and instructions in this manual. A jockey pump installation prevents unnecessary starting of jockey pump operation manual the fire pump due to small leaks in the sprinkler system piping. Fill the pump with fluid. 1 Safety This technical document is intended to cover most aspects associated with the installation, application, operation, and.

“Excel Series” Fire Pump Unit Controller is the Pump Package brain that designed to Control & Monitor the operation of the Main, Standby, and Jockey pumps Drivers, and makes up pumps for both Manual & Automatic modes, as well as turns pumps drivers ON/OFF under specific conditions. This manual should be kept in a safe place and ALWAYS be available to the QUALIFIED operating and maintenance personnel.

Jockey pump operation manual

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